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‘Orphan Black’ Clone Club: Kristian Bruun ranks the clones (Episode 209, 'Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done’)


Yahoo Canada: I’m not going to lie – I was having feelings for Donnie this week that were altogether new to me. I like this take-charge Donnie.
Kristian Bruun: Good! This is the change that I think we’re going to see in Donnie from now on. I liked working as a team with Alison and the potential of having this murderous duo together.

Read the whole interview here.

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‘Orphan Black’ Clone Club: Kristian Bruun ranks the clones (episode 208, ‘Variable and Full of Perturbation’)


Yahoo Canada: On Twitter, someone said you were giving Bryan Cranston a run for his money when it comes to underwear scenes.
Kristian Bruun: Listen, that’s a dangerous comparison, because nobody does it like Cranston, both on the acting level and the tighty-whitey level. I’m scared of any comparisons like that. He’s the master of underwear acting. He just won an effing Tony! The guy is acting royalty. He’s amazing. Bryan Cranston, I am not.

Read the full interview here.

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Last Night on TV: The dudes get bro-y in Connecticut and the Bachelorette has a tantrum



Instead of the usual couch potato’ing, I was actually out in the world at a screening of Edge of Tomorrow for work. (It was surprisingly VERY good! 1) I can’t say no to a movie with Tom Cruise in a military uniform. He just cuts a very nice figure! 2) Emily Blunt is totally badass. 3) While the one-liner plot line sounds dumb, it’s actually a cool premise/storyline.)

However, during this whole alien invasion explosion-a-thon, my phone was blowing up thanks to my “I Wanna Marry Harry” group chat which had been co-opted by my sister and Dila as they both watched Bachelorette on ET. Spoilers aside, I knew I was in for a treat tonight. An awkward one as Andi’s apparent tantrum tonight was directed at the now deceased contender, Eric, who unfortunately/fortunately comes across as a really nice guy.

First things first, Andi gave Dylan the third degree over dinner about his nerves/hesitation sitting on a steam engine train. He did a stellar job opening up about his father’s death, sister’s overdose and other hugely emotional family history. Andi managed to muster a couple monotone “it’s okay”s and a “jeeeez” while he laid out his heavy baggage before her.

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I quit watching “The Bachelorette” a long time ago, but I do enjoy when Joan gets mad about it.